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Catalyzing African neuroscience research 

We work with the Neuroscience Institute (NI) at the University of Cape Town. The Institute’s mission is to advance research, training, and advocacy through an interdisciplinary network of scientists and clinicians, sharing skills and expertise to improve lives and advance our understanding of the human brain. We work directly with their core team of research specialists to develop and advance the NI research strategy, train neuroscientists in research development and design, and raise critical funds to advance African neuroscience.

During our work with the Institute, we have supported more than ten emerging and mid-career neuroscientists to create research development strategies and investment briefs. Course graduates have leveraged these strategies to apply for significant donor and grant funding, for example a successful R45 million grant from the Wellcome Trust. 


Zoë supported the Institute’s directors and members to consultatively develop a research strategy, to guide and unite the intellectual work of the institute across multiple clinical and research disciplines. The Institute uses the research strategy in its fundraising activities, to encourage large-scale investment in the NI Research Catalyst Fund, which recently awarded R10 million in internal research grants, supported by the Gabriel Foundation. 

Our director works directly with the Institute’s Research Enterprise Manager to run a Research Development Clinic for Institute members, providing strategy and fundraising support to over 40 member researchers, across multiple departments and research groupings. Since 2021, investigators in the NI have raised over  R400 million in research funding leveraging the Institute's brand, network and facilities.

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