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We work with individuals, teams and impact-focussed organisations. Our process begins with an exploratory session to better understand your challenges, and identify enablers of success. The process we design would be a combination of coaching sessions, facilitated strategy development, and technical support. We also offer tailored capacity building programmes to support funding readiness.  Contact us to book a discovery session. 



Preparing for Fundraising Success

Transform your organization's approach to fundraising by investing in a Development Strategy. This is a facilitated, team-based process that will provide you with the strategic clarity, and underlying programme design elements, to support successful fundraising and strategic growth. This includes an analysis of the funding landscape.


Hitting Fundraising Targets

We provide ongoing support to clients on their fundraising journey. This includes facilitating monthly meetings to keep fundraising activities on track. We also develop investment briefs for signature  projects, and review your proposals, to boost your success rate. We work closely with you team to build core skills in technical fundraising. 


Increasing and Communicating Success

Effective communication of your organization's intellectual strategy is crucial to achieving impact and securing funding. We specialize in helping our clients develop and articulate their intellectual and research strategies. Along the way, we help to build research communities and demonstrate your value to members and partners.

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Book a free discovery session to map out your fundraising requirements and learn more about the support we offer

Game-changing fundraising support for UCT researchers

Transform your research team's fundraising capabilities with our six-week strategy-development programme. This is an intensive, game-changing team experience which will transform the way you approach fundraising and research development, at any career stage. It is endorsed by the University of Cape Town (UCT)  Research Office, and tailored for groups working in the UCT-ecosystem. 

About the course

Research teams need to be financially sustainable and create visible social impact. Government funding is diminishing year-on-year, making it more critical for research teams to pursue diverse fundraising opportunities to achieve their research objectives.


To equip researchers with the strategic fundraising skills they need the UCT Research Office has endorsed the development of an online coaching and strategy development programme.


This programme has been tailored for UCT researchers and support staff. It is designed to empower research teams of any size to take control of their income model and strategic direction. There is also a version of the course that is tailored for emerging researchers, who don't yet have an established research team.

Building high-impact research programmes
Zoe Boshoff

Building high-impact research programmes

"This course will get you to contextualise your research within a societal need and present it in a way that will make its value more transparent and engaging to a funder or funding agency"

Prof Kevin Naidoo

Director, Scientific Computing Research Unit at the University of Cape Town

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