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About Us

At Flametree Fundraising we are dedicated to empowering organizations to make a lasting positive impact in society. We provide sustainable solutions and strategic guidance to help teams achieve their goals and create meaningful change.

We understand that strategic fundraising goes beyond simply raising money. It involves designing innovative programs and projects, forging powerful partnerships, and inspiring long-term support for your mission. It's about creating and sharing compelling stories that showcase the impact of your work.

Our team is committed to working closely with organizations to develop tailored fundraising strategies that align with their values and vision. With our guidance, organizations can achieve their mission and make a real difference in the world.

About our Founder & Director


Zoë Boshoff is a fundraising strategist and research development specialist. She holds a Masters degree in Human Geography, and degrees in English and Social Anthropology from the University of Cape Town.

Her unique approach to strategic fundraising lies in her ability to deeply understand an organization's vision and goals, and then create customized strategies that connect with donors on a personal level.

With her extensive experience in the research and non-profit sectors, Zoë has a proven track record of developing creative and effective fundraising plans that not only raise funds but also build long-term relationships with donors and partners. By working with Zoë, organizations can benefit from her strategic thinking, donor-centric approach, and dedication to achieving meaningful impact.

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Our mission is to enable and empower organizations to create lasting change by providing strategic clarity, business development support, and fundraising capacity building.


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Kerri Browne

Researcher and Coordinator

Kerri works for Flame Tree Fundraising as a project coordinator and administrator. She also supports  clients with funder prospects research. Kerri has a background in band management, and was the Manager of South African musical group Freshlyground, where she honed her excellent organisational skills. 


Nicola Elliott-Wong

Course Development Specialist

Nicola is an instructional designer, choreographer and teacher, who specialises in curriculum development. She is skilled at taking complex ideas and translating them into simple, intuitive and enjoyable learning experiences. 

Nicola  is helping deliver the Strategic Fundraising for High Impact Research Programme, tailored for UCT.


Alacia Armstrong

Storyteller and Digital Strategist

Alacia manages our marketing strategy, and works with clients on communicating their impact. She has the ability to develop effective messaging and communication strategies that resonate with target audiences. With her background in science and creative writing, she has a keen sense of how to craft compelling narratives that capture the attention of the media and the public. 


Vanessa Roach

Product Specialist

Vanessa is responsible for managing the Flametree Fundraising brand, and also supports our clients with desktop publishing and design, where needed. Vanessa’s fascination with design psychology and curiosity in visual communication forms the backbone of her work, assessing client problems and creating solutions to aid product branding, understanding and loyalty.  

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