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Fundraising for conservation and climate change

At present, our team is working closely with the Community Leaders Network (CLN), a conservation organisation focused on building a Southern Africa where indigenous people and local communities have resilient livelihoods, grounded in sustainable natural resource use and management.


We are assisting their Board and Secretariate to create a development strategy to guide activities and support fundraising across the SADC region over the next six years. A key output of the process is building the fundraising capacity of the CLN core team. We are excited to be working towards regional change with this exciting programme, which we were introduced to by UK-based funder Jamma International

We also work with Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital, assisting them with a planning process for their organisational staffing. This team does extraordinary work to improve the quality of treatment, survival and success rate of rehabilitation of small to medium sized indigenous South African wildlife, including endangered species such as pangolin. We are currently raising funds to support a broader strategy development process with this priority client.  


We have worked for over four years with the Cape Leopard Trust (CLT), an NGO based in the Western Cape, South Africa, dedicated to conserving vulnerable leopard populations. CLT is a long-standing and reputable conservation group, with nearly two decades of experience raising funds and implementing conservation projects with local partners. During our years on retainer with the CLT, we worked together to raise strategic research, conservation and operational funding. We focussed on providing regular opportunity analysis, and programme and project design. Given the competitive nature of conservation funding, the ongoing sustainability and growth of the CLT programme of work is testament to the success of the fundraising efforts of the CLN core team, who work tirelessly to ensure the sustainability of this essential programme. 

Flametree Fundraising has also worked with other conservation clients over the years, including the Institute for Communities and Wildlife in Africa (iCWild) at the University of Cape Town, an inter- and transdisciplinary intellectual community dedicated to mitigating human-wildlife conflict, improving human wellbeing and protecting biodiversity in Africa. Finding creative, non lethal solutions to human wildlife conflict is a key theme among the conservation clients who we support.


Climate change is a key theme in the work that we do, and we believe in looking at the broader change processes influencing any landscape in which our clients are working in. We work with researchers at the African Climate and Development Initiative at the University of Cape Town to support the development of catalytic climate change projects and programmes. 

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