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At Flametree Fundraising, we empower teams to create meaningful social impact and drive transformative change


We support teams and leaders to become fundraising rockstars by developing clear visions, impact models, strategies and targets. We help them to communicate impact and approach priority funders, and to set up fundraising systems and processes. We customize our approach based on our client's specific needs.


Our core capacity lies in facilitation, strategy and programme development, fundraising, and capacity building. We have an extensive track record of high-impact work across research and non-profit sectors, from artificial intelligence to climate change, providing creative and connecting solutions to complex organizational challenges. 


We have designed an affordable and efficient capacity building programme to empower research teams of any size to take control of their income model and strategic direction. We have tailored the process for researchers at various stages, including emerging researchers, who do not yet have an established research team.

old logo_Building high-impact research programmes
Zoe Boshoff

old logo_Building high-impact research programmes


“Our ongoing work with Zoë has been invaluable to the growing success of the Neuroscience Institute. Unpacking and reformulating ideas with Zoë’s toolbox of expertise can be applied at all levels of the research enterprise, from postgraduate trainees developing career pathway strategies, to high-level strategic planning of a large research institute.”

Research Enterprise Manager, Neuroscience Institute

Dr Jacquie Bracher


Celebrating Client Impact

Artificial Intelligence for Africa's Future

In the vast landscape of AI applicability, there is untapped potential to address Africa's unique
developmental challenges from energy to healthcare. Yet, bridging the knowledge gaps about AI's
applicability in the African context is crucial for harnessing this potential.
Artificial Intelligence Research Unit (AIRU) at the University of Cape Town has a clear mission - to
provide research and thought leadership to academia, industry, government and civil society, so that
they can leverage AI to improve the lives of people. AIRU is committed to fostering an AI research
and innovation ecosystem, bridging critical knowledge gaps, and elevating the strategic leadership of
AI research in the African context. Flametree Fundraising is proud to be in partnership with AIRU, as
they build a research and innovation ecosystem for AI in Africa and beyond, strengthening systems
and enhancing strategic leadership in AI across key development sectors.



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