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Game-changing fundraising support for UCT researchers

Transform your research team's fundraising capabilities with our six-week strategy-development program. This is an intensive, game-changing team experience which will transform the way you approach fundraising and research development, at any career stage. It is endorsed by the University of Cape Town (UCT)  Research Office, and tailored for groups working in the UCT-ecosystem. 

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 Interested in finding out how the programme can be customized to your career stage? Contact us for a discovery call.

"Like many Computer Scientists I am sceptical about a one size fits all
approach for developing research strategies for different research
disciplines. It took me two meetings to appreciate that Zoë is the real
deal. We haven’t even finished the course and the process she follows
has already produced tangible benefits."

Prof Tommie Meyer, Director

Artificial Intelligence Research Group, Department of Computer Science

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