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Brought to you by Flametree Fundraising

As the research sector in Africa evolves, securing funding from diverse sources becomes crucial for long-term sustainability. This program is your gateway to mastering the art of strategic fundraising, tailored to empower researchers across Africa with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a competitive environment.

What our clients say

I managed to raise close to ZAR20 million in research funding within a year of taking the course, but the biggest win for me was how the course enabled me to realise how impactful and relevant our research is to the African context.

Dr Rachael Dangarembizi


Neuroscience Institute

University of Cape Town

This accelerator is suitable
for researchers at any career stage

  • Emerging Researchers: Jumpstart your journey to significant grants and fellowships.

  • Mid-Career Researchers: Solidify your vision and lead a team to drive impactful research.

  • Research Leaders: Enhance your group's brand and secure substantial, long-term funding.

Programme highlights

  • Develop a clear vision and mission with a positive fundraising mindset.

  • Lay the strategic foundation for large funding applications.

  • Craft a nuanced fundraising plan to identify aligned funders and donors.

  • Create compelling narratives to capture funders' attention.

Find out how to fire up your research with our fundraising accelerator by downloading
our brochure and visit our course page on Thinkific.

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